Desperados 2 coopers revenge download full version free

Desperados 2 coopers revenge download full version free

desperados 2 coopers revenge download full version free

Download Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge for free on PC – this page will show you how to download and install the full version of. Name: Desperados 2 Coopers Revenge | Platform: PC | Release Date: 2006 | Game Type: strategy | Crack: Cracked | Size: 2.18 GB. Desperados 2: Cooper's Revenge. Publisher: Atari; Developer: Spellbound; Release Date: May 9, 2006; Genre: Strategy. About This Game. Desperados 2 is the.

Desperados 2 coopers revenge download full version free - think

Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Full PC Game

Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Full PC Game Overview

Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Download Free Full Game is a 2006 computer game. It is the sequel to the 2001 game Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive.


John Cooper's brother Ross Cooper,a US Marshal, has been killed by a criminal known as «Angel Face» and John wants to avenge him. Along with his new ally Hawkeye, he gathers his friends once again and together they start looking for any clue that would lead them to Ross' killer. Soon they find out that John's brother was killed because he was investigating a plot between soldiers and Native Americans

John sends Doc to Eagle's Nest to find Sanchez and Sam. Upon his arrival Doc finds Sanchez tied to a tower upside down and Sam locked in a cell. A bandit named Rodriguez has taken over the Fort. Using a vantage point on a mountain to snipe as many enemies as possible Doc tries to find a way in. The front gate is locked so he shoots the rope Sanchez is tied and sneaks into the Fort from a hidden entrance not far from it. Sanchez is able to subdue the Fort, while Doc frees Sam from the jail. But there are still more bandits and Sanchez, Doc and Sam are forced to jump onto a rickety building from a high hill. Sanchez is unwilling to leave without getting revenge on Rodriguez so he, Doc and Sam subdue the fortress (again) find Rodriguez and hang him by the legs from the same tower as Sanchez was tied to. Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Free Download.

They meet up with Kate and John at Santa Fe where John has agreed to help some settlers on a journey and provide protection. Later at a place known as the Eye of the Needle, they find a blockade of logs. Doc believes that if they disrupt the logs they fall into a trap, rather they should find another route. After several hours of waiting Kate gets frustrated but Doc proves his theory by shooting some of the logs and revealing some Native Americans behind it. After fending some of them off, Sam uses his dynamite to blow up some of the debris lying around and helps clear a path. Later they are attacked by more Native Americans but fend them off. They begin to notice that the Native Americans seem to have Yankee accents rather than that of Red Indians. Later they meet a U.S Marshal named Arthur Clarke who says he has a Native American prisoner, John requests if he could speak with the prisoner hoping he could shed some light on Ross' death but Clarke refuses saying John doesn't have a Marshal's star. Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Free Download PC Game.

Suspicious of Clarke, John orders Sam and Sanchez to watch over the settlers in case anything goes wrong and then proceeds to sneak into Clarke's camp accompanied by Doc and Kate. While sneaking around, they learn that the Indians attacking the settlers wagons are in fact disguised bandits, whom Clarke and his men supply. The bandits (under guise of Indians) go and attack and pillage settler trains. When the marshal's men leave, Kate follows them to Fort Wingate. John and Doc kill any remaining bandits in the camp and then realize that the disguised bandits are going to attack the settlers whom they swore to protect. Rushing back to camp, John and Doc are able to warn Sanchez and Sam just in time for Sam to place a few sticks of dynamite in strategic positions and for Sanchez to ready a Gatling Gun. The disguised bandits proceed to attack the camp but are held off by Sam's dynamite and Sanchez's gun.

At Fort Wingate, Kate sneaks into the personnel only area to try to find Hawkeye (The Indian prisoner) and see if he knows anything about Angel Face. When she finds him he is no state to talk and has severely been beaten. When the others arrive, Doc sneaks into the prison and patches Hawkeye up. After a few hours, Hawkeye is able to speak and informs the gang of a letter delivered to Clarke. Wondering if can help, John decides to steal the letter. The gang discovers a secret entrance into Clarke's office in the saloon and after successfully knocking everyone out, they go in. The search Clarke's office and finally finds a letter. Using a piece of charcoal John discerns a hidden signature which says: Morgenstien aka Angel Face. Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge Download Torrent.

The gang minus Hawkeye, return to Santa Fe, at the railway station John sees a man and inquires if it's Morgenstien, his informant informs him that that man was Lester Loyd Goodman, to whom Morgenstien is a secretary to. The gang corners Morgenstien, who was in the Golden Coin Saloon and he reveals that Angel Face is in fact Goodman he tells the gang that Mr Goodman has 3 more secretaries that have the illegal info with them. Tying Morgenstien up, the gang goes after the 3 secretaries, unfortunately the job isn't easy as there are bandits all over the town. When they catch them, they try to present the new evidence to the sheriff. Only to discover the current sheriff just replace the old one (who had an accident) who works for Goodman. John, Kate and Sam are locked up while Doc and Sanchez wait for them unsuspectingly in the saloon.

Hawkeye sneaks through town and manages reach Doc and Sanchez, together, the three of them break into the Sheriff's Office and bust John, Kate and Sam out. Seeing that Morgenstien had escaped, the gang tracks him down to the railway station. Knocking him out (again). Finding out that the incriminating documents are now locked in a safe in the bank. Now the team search for the bank director, who's at the barber shop nearby and take him to the bank in order to break the vault of the bank.

Despite successfully getting the bank director to the bank, the gang gets ambushed by Goodman's men. Goodman escapes by train with Kate as his hostage to the Sacred Mountains. John and his men manage to fight through the ambush and reach the train station. However they get ambushed again, but John manages to catch a moving train and jump on board with the rest of the gang escaping Santa Fé.

John is able to catch up to Goodman's train by threatening the railroad engineer. His joy is though short-lived as the train crashes leaving John as a second hostage for Goodman.

At the same time Hawkeye and Doc are heading for Hawkeye's camp to convince the rest of the tribe to join in the fight against Goodman. As they find a wounded Indian coming towards them they realize Goodman's men have taken over the camp. Hawkeye and Doc are able to lift the spirits of the Indians and kill the invaders before heading towards Kate. They are however blocked at the entrance of the mountain by a big boulder. Sanchez and Sam can see them from down below and fight their way through Goodman's lair and remove the boulder with the help of Sam's TNT. As the group meets, they can see John and the predicament he is in. Goodman ordered John to be hanged, so Sanchez, Sam and Doc make their way down the mountain and they manage to rescue John from Goodman's men. After seeing John get free, Hawkeye and the rest of the Indian tribe attack down the mountain which helps John and his men to reassemble and make plans for the final attack on Goodman's headquarters.

The team fights through the last of Goodman's men with the help of Hawkeye's arrows and Doc's sniper rifle taking out Goodman's guards at the entrance. When inside, the gang finds Kate trapped, with Goodman threatening to shoot her if he sees anything suspicious. With the combination of Doc's gas and Hawkeye's arrows the gang manages to free Kate and escape the headquarters before Goodman's lit cigar ignites some explosives and blows up the building.

Later John is seen standing by his brother's grave with Kate and they share a kiss. Doc watches disappointingly from above and goes back to his apartment. While drawing a picture of Kate, a mysterious man enters the room and poisons Doc leaving him paralyzed, drooling over the picture of Kate he had been drawing. Desperados 2 Cooper's Revenge for PC.

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Desperados 2 coopers revenge download full version free

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